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Lines China Ltd.

Address:8F, Jinan Tower, No. 908 Dong Da Ming Road, Hong Kou District,


Phone:(86-21) 6595 7600

Fax:(86-21)  6595 7601

Web:        www.fesco-china.cn

E-mail:     flc-main@fesco.com


Business Contact List


Customer Service

        Joan Tang                    Tel: 021-65957600*201

        Ricky Xie                     Tel: 021-65957600*154

        Tacky Yang                 Tel: 021-65957600*133 or 65951227 

        Fish Xia                       Tel: 021-65957600*107

        Vivan Xiang                Tel: 021-65957600*105 or 65950802


Sales,Marketing and Custom Clearance

  Elva Liu                          Tel: 021-65957600*218 or 65955961

        Richard Weng               Tel: 021-65947600*115 or 65955960

        Kim Zhao                       Tel: 021-65957600*103 or 65950933

        Sally Hou                       Tel: 021-65957600*111 or 65955916 

        Maya Wang                   Tel: 021-65957600*122 or 35122584





For tlx release and correction issue

        Fiona                          Tel: 021-65957600*215   (FCDL-N & FBOL)
Vicky                           Tel: 021-65957600*212   (FCDL and FKSL & FKSS)
For Blading issue
        Larry Xu:                   Tel: 021-65957600*216    (booking for Vladivostok and FBSS)
        Fiona Zhao               Tel: 021-65957600*215    (FLC direct booking for Vostochny and FBOL & FBSS)
        Vicky Qiu                   Tel: 021-65957600*212    (subagent booking for Vostochny and FBOL)




Import and Transshipment

        Miki Yang            Tel: 021-65957600*213 or 65951020 (FCDL import cargo and domestic transshipment)

        Connie Cai         Tel: 021-65957600*108 or 65951020(FCDL import cargo and international transshipment)


Container Control

        Xia Jie                       Tel: 021-65957600*109 or 65951127

      Lucian Liu                  Tel: 021-65957600*211



        Maya Wang                Tel: 021-65957600*122 or 35122584


Vessel Operation

        Peter Su                     Tel: 021-65957600*203 or 65950550

       Jerry Zhang                Tel: 021-65957600*113






Company Position


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